Facing an inconvenient truth

July 22, 2010

This blog has had many past lives. Tucked deep into bookshelves, filed hurridly within books, lodged in a plethora of spur of the moment blogs posted somewhere between you and i. Somewhere in between.

Despite taking the subject area seriously (trying to tame reluctantly like snags of damp locky hair the morning after the wash before), it’s never been something i’ve managed to stick at. In fact, it’s something i’ve never really shared with anyone. In truth, i’ve been ashamed. Perhaps faltering due to self conscious reflection, not wanting to appear ‘one of those’ ; hung up on race and anything related. But it’s more than that. At least to me.

It’s about projecting a voice that was suppressed for too many years, shunted by the tutors who told me there wasn’t enough research, literature or worse, interest in this field to raise the topic, and by me being too cowardly to protest.

What inspired this reincarnation was contact with an inspirational woman, working hard to empower and give voices to those stuck in between. She enabled me to realise my thoughts and obserances  were real, and i was not alone. That my deep rooted interest was real and valid and my opportunity to voice available and never too late. I’d like to thank Sarah for forcing me to face my deepest insecurities and passions, and i hope to meet others on similar journeys of mixed thought.


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